Kenesha Hall, LCSW

in Fairfax, VA

I am an LCSW and psychotherapist. I have worked in the field of human health/social services for 18 years. My experience has allotted me the opportunity to work in various settings and with persons from all walks of life, backgrounds and intersectionality.  I specialize in treating a variety of mental and emotional ailments; from Depression, Anxiety, BPD, Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. My treatment approach is individualized and client-centered. I believe in collaborating with clients on individualized care and thereby effectively using evidence based interventions to assist clients in achieving their goals and objectives. I understand the importance of meeting the clients where they are, and not taking a one size fits all approach. This means adjusting my treatment modality for the best outcome for my clients overall mental/emotional health and wellness.